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Kato Polyclay Techniques

Milifiori Caning

Millefiori Caning is a technique in which clay is arranged to create images in the clay. When the cane is rolled down in size, the image remains true.

Photo Transfers

Photo Transfers are easy to do, and the result is an image that lasts forever. There are several techniques that can be used to make photo transfers with Kato Polyclay.


Because Kato Polyclay does not become sticky when handled, it is ideal for sculpture work.

Skinner Blend

A Skinner Blend is a blend of two colors that appear to trasition into each other. Clay blended in this way can be used in several projects, especially when making canes.

Stamps and Molds

Creating stamps and molds with your Kato Polyclay allows you to recreate your favorite shapes and effects over and over again.

Beads and Jewelry

Kato Polyclay is also great for making beads and jewelry. The wide spectrum of colors, including metallic colors, makes it possible to create something for every occasion.